Ark of NatureAbout Teiva Skincare

Mineral Oils

No mineral oils. We only use 100% pure plant oils. We go organic whenever we can.


Our goal is to make all of our products as pure, natural and fresh as possible.

No Silicones
& PEGs

We use the purest of pure natural and organic skin care ingredients

The Teiva StorySkin Nutrition is Everything

“I found a healthier alternative that worked better than anything in stores, I had to share it with everyone.”


Ark of Nature100% Original & Organic

Every teenager who grew up battling acne can relate to the Teiva story; the internal battle of wanting to fit in; the over-experimenting with all sorts of creams and soaps, with the ultimate dream of finding one that best suits their skin type.


Our products are pure, natural and fresh, to help give you that healthy looking skin you deserve.


When it comes to your skin, health and beauty means Teiva. We adapt and change our products to suit individual needs while designing unique products to meet a customer’s specific requirement.


We believe that natural ingredients enhance natural beauty and promote overall health, and that’s our priority.


Current trends in beauty are leaning towards more natural wholesome ingredients, this has been Teiva’s position from day one. Our knowledge and experience has positioned us to lead in the movement towards natural beauty, distancing ourself from over-processed products. We hope to continue to grow and serve our clients with high quality, powerful, solutions for skin and hair health.